I would like to order from the webshop. When can I order?

You can order items from the webshop at any time. However, they are only shipped once a month. Monthly Shipping Sessions (MSS) happen after the 15th of every month. During one session, only items ordered and paid before the 15th will be shipped. Therefore if you pay on the 16th, your order will only be sent during MSS next month. Please don't leave the ordering until the last minute, as your invoice has to be sent by the Secretariat first.

Please note that this general pattern might be subject to adjustments by the IB and the Secretariat according to the workload and/or office needs. All the newest updates can be found on https://webshop.esn.org/content/important-information-about-orders-usage

Can I place an order by e-mail?

No, all purchases must be made on the ESN Webshop.




I have made an order, but I do not know how to pay. What should I do?

You will soon receive an invoice with the bank details.

I did an order but I have not received the invoice yet. What should I do?

The invoice is issued and sent automatically by the system once the shopping process has finished. If you haven’t received the email after certain time (there can be a delay also in the mail server), please also check your spam folder. Also be sure that the email account you are checking is the same one you have used in the webshop, being by default the one in your Galaxy account.

If you still haven’t received the invoice after checking the spam folder and waiting some time, you can send and email to [email protected].



I had problems so I could not pay before the deadline. What should I do?

If you are late and you had serious problems with the bank transfer, you can send an email to [email protected]. We will look for solutions. If you are just late to pay before the Monthly Shipping Session (MSS), don't worry - your order will arrive during the next one!

What happens if I don't pay within the deadline?

After receiving the invoice, you have 7 days to pay. Afterwards, you will receive a reminder and have 3 days to finalise the payment. Otherwise your order will be cancelled.



I have made an order but we want to have the Jacket in size L instead of M, but it is not available anymore! Can you do anything about it?

No. If the sizes have finished you cannot order them again. ESN International receives a new collection every year thanks to the successful partnership with “New Yorker”. Every collection includes a limited stock of sizes as well as colors.



I forgot to add shipping fees. What happens now?

When you are close to the end of the purchase, you have the option to choose between pick up and shipping fees. If you choose shipping fees, then your order will be packed and shipped. If you choose pick up, you should contact [email protected] to arrange a meeting if a section member comes to Brussels.



How can I pick up my order? Who should I contact?

If you come to Brussels, you can contact [email protected] and we can arrange a meeting for you to pass by the office. Or I can put you in contact with an IB member who is available at the ESN house, depending on which kind of items you need. Be aware that we are available during office hours and the IB might be busy travelling, thus sending an email far in advance is necessary.

Can I pick up my order at an ESN event?

It is not possible. The IB does not make deliveries at ESN events.



I have forgotten to add a hoodie to my order. Can you add it?

Every time you ask for a modification, the invoice has to go through the accountancy again. It is better that you write to [email protected] in order to cancel the order, so you can make a new one.



Can I cancel my order?

If you have not paid the invoice yet, you can send an email to [email protected] with a cancellation request.